Speech/Language Therapy Services2018-11-01T20:01:17+00:00
At the Autism Clinic, we know you are busy.  We also know that providing a multidisciplinary approach to treatment is critical for individuals with autism spectrum disorder.  Providing multiple services in the same setting is more comfortable for the individual and more convenient for hectic family schedules.

At The Autism Clinic, we don’t do “One size fits all”.   Our Licensed Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) works hand-in-hand with our Board Certified Behavior Analysts to tailor therapy to fit each child’s specific language, social and behavioral needs. Our experienced staff is well trained to teach across the spectrum, from functional communication for a child that is not yet vocal, to the adolescent that struggles with conversation with peers. The Autism Clinic is now in network with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and accepting new clients for both Speech and Language and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programming.

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