Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) – Champaign, IL

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Champaign, IL

We are seeking a contractual BCBA to provide services in the Champaign, IL area!


Master’s degree in applied behavior analysis or Master’s degree in related discipline (e.g. clinical psychology), with major coursework in behavior analysis and modification, from a graduate program accredited by the Association for Behavior Analysis.
Experience and or specialized knowledge in one or more of the following: Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities; Autism Spectrum Disorders. Knowledge of psychopharmacology and/or Mental Health issues also helpful.
Credentialed as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst or certification pending with successful completion of qualifying examination.
The ability to communicate clearly and effectively (both written and orally) in a professional manner, with all levels of employees (professionals, teachers, paraprofessionals, direct-care, etc.). Also, the ability to interact effectively on a multidisciplinary team.
Experience working with individuals who have intellectual/developmental disabilities, autism and dual diagnosis (ID + Axis I) is preferred.
Experience in functional assessment, behavior program development/monitoring, and competency-based staff training procedures in program implementation. Additional expertise in discrete trial training, functional communication training, prompting, prompt fading/ differential reinforcement schedules, and crisis intervention strategies is preferred.

Functional Assessment: Carried out at one of three levels, Level I (“Informal,” where motivation for exhibiting maladaptive behaviors is identified by analysis of information obtained from caregivers through interviews and questionnaires); Level II (“Descriptive,” based upon actual observations of the individual at various times of day and repeated observations across time); and Level III (“Analogue,” based upon actual presentation of antecedent stimuli and response consequences).

Design of Data Collection Systems: Design and implement data collection forms and procedures, to best quantify behavior data across various environments and settings.

Data Analysis: Plot and systematically analyze program and baseline data in terms of levels, trends, variability, and functional relationships.
Design of Behavior Support Plans (BSP’s): Design behavior support plans, based upon functional assessment and data analysis.

Implementation of Interventions and/or to collect Data: Training includes specific and detailed information and demonstration on how to conduct planned interventions and how to collect appropriate data, with appropriate return demonstration by staff.
Orientation Training: Orientation training concerning basic principles of behavior analysis, overview of intellectual/developmental disabilities and mental illness, dual diagnosis, Etc.
Attend and participate in multidisciplinary team meetings.
Participate actively in problem-solving; provide solution-oriented and proactive recommendations; maintain effective and respectful interactions; communicate clearly and effectively; practice in accord with APA and BACB ethical standards.
Maintain compliance with all applicable DHS regulations and licensure requirements.
Assumes responsibility as a mandated reporter concerning incidents of purported abuse/neglect of individuals as outlined in the agency’s policies and procedures.
Performs other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of the duties enumerated above.


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